C is shifting

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Our human race is developing at a crazy pace. At the same time things that should change seem stuck behind large structures, behind a dishonest elite. But also by our own judgments, our disability to to connect with something that makes sense existentially and on a larger scale, our difficulty to honestly and truly openheartedly nourish our personal and professional relationships, the fear to be vulnerable. How can we know what to do to make a real difference?

One moment i started noticing how perception is different for everyone. What seems honest and sincere to someone might seem fake and far fetched to another. What seems cool to one seems bland to another. What seems absolute truth one moment is completely reversed and countered the other.

And I noticed I had hard time to believe in my own experience of wonder. I was almost ashamed of feeling wonder by watching nature videos on national geographic. I felt uneasy to say that in my dancing any idea could be valuable, any way of dealing with art can be of value. I saw cloud formations with awe. I woke up in nature, any kind of nature and saw true beauty.

I was searching for radically honest answers to complex questions. I noticed we don’t like to think about what really matters because it is blocked by myriads of criticism, complexity and self doubt,  we hide in fear of worthwhile seeming sarcasm and dislike. I used a lot of sarcasm myself but at one moment I noticed this is not what life is about.  Not that I started to completely dislike sarcasm, but I noticed something was not showing because of it’s “touchy feely quality”. For many it is hard to just be themselves because of possessing an unaccepted quality. Because self value comes with validation. And validation has a way to be strangely harsh and categorical.

My own views are constantly shifting. Allowing the vulnerable. Trying to get out of a black hole of realisation of what our world is really about. Seeing political, economic and religious structures and feeling overwhelmed and pinned down at first. I started a search that by many was seen as unrealistic, yet I hold on to the belief more is possible.

I grew up with this idea somewhere in the back of my mind. I had many euphoric maybe manic moments where I thought I had a great idea about who I was or what I could and would do but I’d always fall back. But somehow I kept remembering and understanding more and more. Things can be better. For real. The possibilities are here. What I experienced was real, no matter how many would like to prove me wrong.

What is this shift of C’s?

C is for consciousness. C is for seeing. C is for Common perception, C is for Collaboration, C is for Close to our heart which is opening up and growing.

C is for coming back even if all the odds are against you. C is for creases in our existence, parts that need to be discovered. Creative, Community, Complementary health, Canvas, embracing the Crazy.

C is for something very open and wide, which makes waves that make you calm or great and giant powerful ones of epic proportion.

I love discovering new. I am a most vulnerable individual. I have power. I want to learn and grow. Infinitely. I want to change things. Big things. To realize our true potential. And to C the shift.