How are we Thinking?

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I believe ingrained patterns in thought are feeding big problems worldwide. The aim of this post series is to give principles and examples to arrive at a more dynamic, adaptive and rich way of thinking.

We all have our crises. It’s normal to get “stuck” while searching for answers to life’s biggest questions. Some believe searching for existential answers only gives rise to more questions, more thinking and a frightning feeling of emptiness. Yet I found that next to confusion, unrest and mental overload there are mental principles that actually help to understand the world.

These principles are often implicit and therefore not communicated clearly enough. They might seem evident, but everyone is blundering on them. I really mean everyone including me. Even the highest spiritual guide, the people regarded as the wisest, they all fail because our reality is a highly complex and dynamic entity. Clarity is fading in and fading out and not appearing what it seems to be. We are all juggling to get it right. It’s most serious and at the same time it is a play, because the truth is elusive.

I have long searched for these kind of answers, at times it was really a struggle. In the process I realized this is actually a fundamental problem of our society. I noticed my own thinking has different qualities in different situations. Sometimes my thought is sloppy and chaotic, other times it is clear and insightful. I recognize everyone in our society has the fluctuations in the quality of their thinking. The construction of our thought systems and beliefs are most of the time not fundamental enough. We don’t take the necessary time and don’t have the right techniques to think it through and we don’t realize that most fundamentally truth – reality is dynamic. That is what this post is about – learning new ways of thinking that open up our thinking potential in order to build a better world for ourselves and others.

My basic statement:

  • The universe is dynamic in nature.
  • A lot of thinking is static in nature.
  • It is better to learn how to think dynamically.