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Belgium: School founded By Jan Ruts in Antwerp School founded by Renaat Schelen in Antwerp

Wim Burkunk Website on an actor who was taught by Decroux.

International: School/Company in London School/Company in Canada atelier de Belleville, School in Paris School in Barcelona Company in Barcelona

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The “charge” on our thoughts and feelings


The objects and perceptions in our world have a different connotation, emotion. Like a battery or a gun they can become “charged”

from the source:

Demon (German and English)
From the Greek “Daimon” for a non-human power somewhere between people and gods, without any negative connotations. An example would be the daimon of Socrates. The daimon had a wisdom which has nothing to do with our modern conceptions of good or evil: it was a force of nature that could offer hints about fateful situations and actions.

The meaning of things gets a certain connotation and a certain “charge”. In my bodywork class one of the teachers called them “elementals”. It is the emotion that is charged, loaded on a word or a symbol or any kind of mental or perception entity.

another example: if you say the word cancer, it holds a certain emotion, a certain fear, that is present directly after the word is spoken.

The power of empathy and observation


If you truly learn to see how others experience the world it makes a lot of mental battles, a lot of judgment unnecessary. It opens up your understanding of what is really going on in the world.

People lacking empathy don’t realize what they are missing, so I see it as my challenge to make people aware about what really moves others.

There’s different layers in empathy. I have found these techniques most helpful to improve my empathic qualities:

“Focusing” developed by Eugene Gendlin
“Nonviolent Communication” developed by Marshall Rosenberg


The feeling and principle of resonance as a guideline


The snare of a violin gives resonance, sound waves that can be felt through the instrument and in our body. Some things resonate better with the other.

You can apply this to ideas as well. If information “resonates” with your feeling, this might be good information for you at this time. You can connect it to what is alive in your own perception. This doesn’t make this information is absolutely “right”, just the  kind of infomation that allows you to develop your awareness at the moment you encounter it.

Kidoma, resonance and divergent thinking.

I used to translate kidoma as “the right action on the right moment in the right place”. Better would be “a right action in a right moment in a right place”.  In order to have a positive effect on people or a situation you need to take into account the timing, the area where you will apply it, and which action is suitable action for this moment.


Structure vs Chaos and Complexity


The biggest problem in my life handling with the huge amount of information is finding a workable structure.

  • Any structure allows you to do certain things but limits certain possibilities. A structure bounds absolute freedom in order to build something.
  • setting a structure needs time and energy.
  • Structures cannot necessarily be combined. They often need different kinds of focus.
  • Dabrowski speaks about “positive desintegration”. If one level of functioning is not supporting your experience and perception of your own life, you disentegrate in order to find a higher level structure. This structural development is continual; it has no ending, it keeps evolving.

A real but disputed answer: there is a benevolent and intelligent force in the universe.


I think it is of the essence to be able to connect to the notion there is something essentially positive about the universe. Call it God, Allah, “something”, the universe, love or music, happiness, progress… we need a mental understanding that what we perceive as “good” exists on a universal scale.

For some life makes sense just to be able to percieve, it is great, it is wonder. Love makes sense because gives you a fuller experience, it opens your system to experience, to enjoy, to connect and it offers you a compass in life.

But for a lot of us value needs an bigger all encompassing mental structure and we fear despair if it’s not there. If the only truth would be emptiness then what is the sense in living? Not believing in the positive side of our universe means a life without true meaning.

Problem with the word God is that it has a lot of bad publicity. A lot of innocent people were killed in the name of God. Morality can be manipulation. To me the term “axis of evil” is a horrible example of this.