The “charge” on our thoughts and feelings


The objects and perceptions in our world have a different connotation, emotion. Like a battery or a gun they can become “charged”

from the source:

Demon (German and English)
From the Greek “Daimon” for a non-human power somewhere between people and gods, without any negative connotations. An example would be the daimon of Socrates. The daimon had a wisdom which has nothing to do with our modern conceptions of good or evil: it was a force of nature that could offer hints about fateful situations and actions.

The meaning of things gets a certain connotation and a certain “charge”. In my bodywork class one of the teachers called them “elementals”. It is the emotion that is charged, loaded on a word or a symbol or any kind of mental or perception entity.

another example: if you say the word cancer, it holds a certain emotion, a certain fear, that is present directly after the word is spoken.

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