The feeling and principle of resonance as a guideline


The snare of a violin gives resonance, sound waves that can be felt through the instrument and in our body. Some things resonate better with the other.

You can apply this to ideas as well. If information “resonates” with your feeling, this might be good information for you at this time. You can connect it to what is alive in your own perception. This doesn’t make this information is absolutely “right”, just the ¬†kind of infomation that allows you to develop your awareness at the moment you encounter it.

Kidoma, resonance and divergent thinking.

I used to translate kidoma as “the right action on the right moment in the right place”. Better would be “a right action in a right moment in a right place”.¬† In order to have a positive effect on people or a situation you need to take into account the timing, the area where you will apply it, and which action is suitable action for this moment.


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