Four basic problems of perception and communication


I experienced a lot of trouble in dealing with critisism and opinions in my life. This is a summary of things which often go wrong.

I call them:

-too much difference at the same time

Unsolvability is the idea or feeling something has no solution. Apathy is a typical form of unsolvability.

Unexplainability is the problem some experiences are not easily communicated, putting things into words can reduce the power of the thing. This is because words don’t easily capture flow, it needs big experience or purity of intention to be able to put flow into words.

“Too much difference at the same time” it is not chaos, it can result in chaos. It is things that have different flow and if they come together they disturb eachother. Things get strange, surrealist, the system can cramp up.

killjoy – people criticize each other in many ways. Being vulnerable and honest is a good thing but  when you want to learn from critisism, the negative emotion kills the joy of doing something. It is the cynic that shrivels the experience of the child. It is often not easy not to get touched by the negative charge on a comment if what is said matters to you.

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