The universe is a riddle trying to solve itself through us.

Existential Research, Perception

In history humanity made a lot of images, stories and rules about the spiritual nature of our universe. Between those different representations floats a feeling of truth. But the true dynamics in this feeling are hard to discern. What is happening exactly?

To some, coincidence is the messenger of the universe. Synchronisity, law of attraction, prayer, opening your heart, asking the universe… What you send out you get back. What you really need God puts on your path.

But then I got confused. When is something coincidence and when isn’t it? How do you interpret what happens? According to a lot of people the Tsunami would be an act of God. We were asking for it. They were asking for it. I can get very angry at people saying such things.

I don’t believe in something as intolerant as the God image often created in religions. What is this God that makes all the most grave things happen? For a lot of people God doesn’t exist because of this reason, If he allows for the kinds of horror on earth, what a bastard would he be. Isn’t it he who allowed for evil to be? Can he not take responsibility and change it?

The church has been battling their politics of fear for a long time. Everything has an explanation in their world view. To some people suffering has a very good reason. It is because we would learn. Learn from our suffering. No.

I must say I don’t know. I feel coincidence often plays an important fact in people’s lives. I truly believe there is a intelligent dynamic in the coincidences you meet. But it can be confusing. When a friend of mine coincidentally met his ex-girlfriend in South-America for her that was a sign they needed to be together. For him it was a learning moment, he learned why they shouldn’t be together. I have no idea whom had the right mind about it. It could just be both to me.

What is the exact meaning of those images, how to interpret coïncidence? It seems to have a certain way of “encoding”, “handwriting”, “way of being written” with inside an answer to how to look at them. But I have been a hard learner in that area. Sometimes my mind panicked because I couldn’t understand.

A lot of religious leaders, gurus and teachers pretend to have very clear answers to these questions, where they explain why things happen as they happen. They have a clarity which seems correct.  Yet the teachers and their messages contradict each other. Almost all of them talk about getting rid of the ego, but what kind of ego is it that claims to hold the truth? “My clarity is bigger than yours”.

The difference between a clear and open view about what happens and the ego’s defenses against not knowing are often subtle.

What is this real face of God? Amongst all the self-help books, the enlightened and charlatans? What is the right nuance, what is the exactness of this synchronisity? I’d like to know.

There are some guiding principles which might help to find answers.

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